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October 2012

Some Stuff I Simply Don’t “Get”

I'm about as puzzled as Pebbles looks... Well, I don't!  There are many things out there that I simply don't understand and sometimes I don't think I ever will. For instance, I tweet. I don't quite understand Twitter. It seems like... Continue Reading →


This fantastic ad is for the Anagram Bookshop in Prague, Czech Republic I realize I keep nattering on about how I want to keep learning.  And I do. At least I try to. Every time I choose to read a... Continue Reading →

If It Bleeds…It Leads.

Obviously, "Holly Hobbie" doesn't sell around here... Why does negativity sell? And why does it, and all of the controversy following it get everyone's attention? I have published so many happy and wonderful stories on here. Great stuff about good... Continue Reading →

“In Your Flock” Takes Wing

  Petri the sun conure selected Sandy Lender 13 years ago when he was hatched in Kansas City, Kan. Now the two live in Southwest Florida.  Sandy Lender had an idea. She wanted to start a magazine. That's all well and... Continue Reading →

The Parrot Garden’s Family of Lilac Crowned Amazons

The Parrot Garden has an unusual and interesting flock in residence. They have a family of Lilac Crowned Amazons: A mother, a father and two of their children. They have been together since those babies hatched. The Parrot Garden is... Continue Reading →

Negotiating the Emotional Trenches

Spock. You were loved... The after-effects of an emotional time tends to wear you out. Best Friends sometimes has that effect on the people who volunteer. While confronting the work that they do, you tend to examine yourself. Here are... Continue Reading →

Kelly Moore Parsley and Her Own Personal, “Hotel California”

Kelly at lunch, looking a bit tired...and it was well deserved. Kelly Moore Parsley, along with Bonnie Grafton did some phenomonal work at the Parrot Garden. Unlike me, where I was doing general heavy cleaning and  long term scrubbing, Bonnie... Continue Reading →

Return To Kanab and Best Friends

In the time I was at Best Friends in Kanab, I did a lot of cleaning. But I was outshone by a long shot by the Dream Team; Bonnie Grafton and Kelly Parsley Moore. These two came to Kanab and meant business.... Continue Reading →

Bonnie Grafton: Thoughts on Kanab…and Best Friends

Bonnie Grafton and Kelly Moore Parsley are old hands at running an aviary and working with birds. They like macaws and what is more, macaws like them. Bonnie owns Bonnie's Birds in Port Charlotte, Florida with her business partner, Rebecca... Continue Reading →

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