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August 2012


Paula and Moi Catching Up at the AFA Where would be without it? In the bird world it seems that something is always going on and people have a tendency to disagree more than they agree. Sides are taken, opinions are... Continue Reading →

Photo Contest at BIRDS USA!

The Bird Channel announced that the magazine BIRDS USA is having a photo contest. The two categories are: "Food Delight," and "Winging It."  For each category, they will award first, second and third prizes. The first-prize winner wins $150, second... Continue Reading →

Bubble Wrap and Safety Helmets

Get Your Safety Helmets On!   Be careful!    Don't do that!    I wouldn't do that if I were you!  Stop it. These are birds. They want to have fun. "Helicopter Parenting" has been taking a major bash in... Continue Reading →

Occasionally, Things Pay Off…

I just got a heads up from my editor at Bird Channel. (BC) They posted a story about our Chopalooza event to support Florida Parrot Rescue. Simply click on the heading. It's a link to the article: Parrot Nation’s Chopalooza!... Continue Reading →

The AFA and My Schedule From Hell

Those are Victoria Crowned Pigeons... "Mom! She's panicing again!" Well, I'm really not. But scheduling everything I need to get done is proving to be a challenge. But one thing I could not miss was the American Federation of Aviculture... Continue Reading →

Debbie Downer

While Facebook has its myriad charms and useful attributes, there are a few negative aspects. One of them is people. I've been known to say I've always wanted to be a flight attendant for Fed Ex. I have been in... Continue Reading →

Juanita’s Lament

Juanita is a genius when it comes to making Chop, but her filing skills are somewhat limited. She sometimes relies on the kindness of the less "organizationally challenged" to keep her office and records intact. Once again, thanks go the... Continue Reading →


If you aren't familiar with the website, ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS, it is hysterical. Love it love it, love it. Su Gould turned me on to it and it is wonderful! As a way of acknowledging what they do,... Continue Reading →

Cleveland PEAC Conference Coming Up

The Parrot Adoption and Education Center in Cleveland has a conference coming up in September that you don't want to miss. On Sunday, September 9th, they'll be hosting a conference featuring Pamela Clark, Kris Porter, and Donald Brightsmith. They are having... Continue Reading →

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