A while back I made a feather pillow for Phoenix Landing. (PL) It sat here because Founder Ann Brooks and I didn’t exactly know how to promote an auction for this item. We finally figured it out and here’s what we came up with. Phoenix Landing has an account at Ebay and so we decided to put the item up for bid there.

If you don’t know about PL here is a link to their website and you can read all about this wonderful organization and what they do to help birds and educate people about quality bird care, training and enrichment. They are located in the Washington D.C.-Virginia area as well as Asheville, North Carolina. Here is their “Mission Statement:


The Phoenix Landing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit all-volunteer organization. It was established to promote and protect the welfare of parrots, especially those with an extensive lifespan.Increasingly, these intelligent and beautiful birds are becoming household companions. Meanwhile, their native rain forests and deserts are being rapidly consumed for use by people. As guardians of our pets, and growing consumers of the land, it is our responsibility to provide care and help for parrots — both in domesticity and in the wild. Phoenix Landing provides for parrots in need and acts as advocates for those without protection.

I try to help them as much as I can without actually living in either area, and this auction is one of those ways. Ann and I put the pillow up for bid on Ebay.  Here is the link:

Ebay link to feather Pillow Auction

I would like to make sure this feathered work of art gets to a good home. It really is a beautiful pillow if I do say so myself. It is made of Amazon parrot feathers and accented with Cockatiel tail feathers. These feathers were generously donated by people all over the world and they are the naturally molted feathers from their companion parrots. No parrots were harmed in gathering these feathers. I am very proud of this pillow and as far as I can tell, it is the first of its kind ever created. It really is a beautiful piece and will grace your living area with style and a bit of whimsy.  It will be up for auction until March 8th and I urge you to bid on it. Every last dime of the proceeds will go to Phoenix Landing. As soon as the winner of the item contacts me, I will carefully wrap, pack and ship the pillow to their home. Please take a moment to look at my pillow and see if it’s something that would perk up your living room chair. It really is a beautiful piece. And your purchase of this pillow would help Phoenix Landing’s adoption and education programs immensely. I thank you so much for your consideration.