Still feeding an all-seed diet? That blows. That sucks. And forgive me, but you need to have your head examined.

If I hear, “But he LIIKKKKESSSS it!” or, “He won’t eat anything else!” one more time, I’m going to pull out my DVD of “The Terror of Tiny Town” and make the “Seed Feeders” watch it. Repeatedly. (The Terror of Tiny Town is an all “little people” musical western. It is absolutely one of the most horrid things I’ve ever seen, and yes, all of the actors ride ponies.) You laugh, but unfortunately not in the right way.

Found this photo here: Ain’t it Cool!

Seed is the devil’s spawn. You keep feeding it to the exclusion of anything else and you are headed for major trouble. Liver problems, goiters, vitamin deficiencies, gout, low calcium levels, obesity, brittle feathers…you get the idea.

Stop it. Just stop it. We know so much more now than we did even ten years ago. There is simply no excuse anymore to feed your birds in this manner. Chop is by far the easiest and most convenient way to feed your flock healthy food day in and day out. More and more people are heading in this direction and they are to be congratulated.

The Chop Concept is all over the place and it seems to be making a difference in the overall health of birds in captivity.

There is just no excuse anymore. And I don’t care if you’re busy. I don’t care that seed is “easy.” So is burying a bird. If you can’t get your act together every couple of months to make a pot of decent food for your birds and then bag it up and throw it in the freezer, you’re irresponsible. You have a condition called, “Asshat.” You’re a fool. And you should find new homes for your birds, pronto.

We’ve made it about as easy as it’s going to get. The Parrot Nation as an entity, as a living breathing group of people who have birds and love them have caught on to this method and have seen the difference it’s made in their lives. The Chop Concept is for the birds. But it’s about making things easier for their human caregivers.

Face it. If people don’t have an easy and convenient way to feed their birds, they are simply not going to do it. And where the hell does that leave the birds? Oh yeah. Back to the seed bag. And I think I’ve made it abundantly clear that that sucks.

Now how do we straighten this out? If you see someone buying seed, ask them what else they feed. Find out if this is what their birds get to the exclusion of everything else. The “seed buyer” is probably going to get as mad as hell at you. Good!

So challenge them. Tell them to do a search on the internet and if they can find contrary evidence, then you will buy them their next bag of Devil’s spawn.  The Asshat will probably do the search just to get that bag of free seed. And just maybe they’ll end up here…where I repeatedly call them an “Asshat,” for feeding nothing but seed.

Maybe then, they’ll get the idea.