You’d think with all of the traveling I’ve done, that packing would be easy. As a one-time supervisor said to me once when I was working a special assignment for my airline in the Chrysler Building in Manhattan about 23 years ago, “That should take 15 minutes! Tops.” Then, when I explained that six flight attendants had been requested for the  two week job, I was the only one that took the bait and then showed him the enormity of the project, he grabbed a phone and began calling people. No matter. I got it done by myself two days earlier than projected with the original six. So yes, I should be pretty good at packing by now, “15 minutes! Tops.”

Well, I know that I’m pretty good at packing for a three day trip. I’m even good at packing for a trip I may or may not go on to a place I have no knowledge of when I’m packing. This is called, “Stand-by.” You sit your butt down in a chair in the Crew Lounge at the airport and pray to God everyone shows up for their trips so you can go home. Because if they don’t, your butt is on a flight. Problem is, when you leave in the morning you don’t know if you’re going to end up in Paris or Port of Spain, Trinidad.

However this trip is problematic right from the giddy-up regarding packing.  I’m going from Fort Lauderdale to Charleston for business junk  there. (Business attire.)  Janet and I fly from Charleston to Atlanta, connect to Las Vegas and we’re there for two days. ( My uniform until I get to Atlanta and then I’ll change in the airport. This way I can carry stuff through security all the civilians get thrown under the bus for.)

We land in Las Vegas very late and we have to find Wellington, our friend from the Bahamas who is going to Kanab with us. Wellington is not difficult to spot as he is Bahamian, he’s about 6 foot 4 and weighs about as much as a person that tall weighs, I suppose.  Here is a photo of Janet with Wellington. Bear in mind Janet is almost 6 feet tall herself:

Wellington cuts a rather imposing figure. So as I said, shouldn’t be a problem finding him at the airport.

So we gather up Wellington and his stuff, check in at the hotel and then I imagine I’ll have to tie Janet down to keep her away from the card table. I’m not big on gambling. I find it repetitive. I’ll be sawing logs (Jammies) as I’m thinking it’ll be 3 a.m. before we get to the hotel.


Yes, those are official “Belleveue Hospital Psych Ward” Jammies. I didn’t earn them.

The next day all bets are off. Janet will be hunting down some designer she knows as well as dropping in on card games as she searches for this guy. There’s some people another friend of Janet’s wants me to meet, so I guess I’ll have to pull out the business thing again. Or better yet, I’ll probably wear this with dress pants because we might as well have dinner or a drink while we’re yakking.

Then we leave for Kanab and arrive there in a borrowed SUV after two days in Las Vegas. You can bet I’ll be wearing jeans for that trip! Now the weather in Kanab is a bit tricky in September. It’s colder than a well-digger’s whazoo in the morning and then it gets hot in the afternoon. Here is what the highs and lows are for Kanab, Utah this week:

Here is the high and low average for September. Yeah. High in the 80’s, low is 47. Let’s talk “Layering!” Well, I’ve got a layer for you:

Years ago, Bill gave me this fleece-lined Cotton hoody that is the warmest damned thing I own. It’s going. I love it. And we’re walking…we’re walking. When we get to Kanab we have to check into yet another hotel because the house we are renting will still be “Occupado.” So I am now into abode number three in about 5 days. We stay overnight and then we move into the house. It’s a nice house. It has a pool and a jacuzzi:

And check out the back yard view:

So Janet did real well based on a recommendation by Jacque Johnson. And with all of the people sharing, it’ll probably be cheaper than a hotel.  So I will now have moved my stuff four times. (Keep track here…) Then the real work starts. So in order to accomplish that, I have my work boots:

We have a ton of different things we’re going to do and one of them is to make Chop. I’m kind of picky when it comes to my weapons of choice, so I’m bringing a knife sharpener and my Canadian peeler:

Ever since Mattie, my dog died, I’ve wanted to get a rock to Angels Rest at Best Friends. Because she probably has the distinction of being the only dog ever depicted at BIRD TALK, I asked Jacque if I could put her memorial rock at Angels Nest, and area specifically for birds. She kindly agreed. Here is Mattie’s rock:

Amy Huq’s bird, Tylo passed away recently and Amy wants a rock to be placed for Tylo near the rocks for Lilo and Sasha. So we are carrying rocks along with kitchen implements, work boots and swimsuits. Oh, can’t forget the jammies from Bellevue… And then there’s all the camera and video equipment as well as my Mac, iPhone and iPad:

I’m also going to do a video on sprouting while I’m out there. So…well…yeah:

Now do you understand why packing has gotten rather, well, complicated? I just hope I remember my toothbrush. But in the sage words of someone, “If you forget it, you can always buy another one.” Well, unless you’re going to Kanab. It’s a tad bit small with two stoplights, one grocery store and one “Laid Back Larry’s Restaurant.” But you know, I’m not worried. I think we’ll all do just fine. In fact, I’m actually getting excited about it.