Angel’s Rest Windchime

This is a close up of the wind chime

Angel’s Rest is the graves of well-loved animals who have been placed here at Best Friends with love and respect. And as you will find out, not all of the animals placed here at their life’s end were pets. But they were placed here with love, respect and remembrance. I had a talk with Lenny, or “Uncle Lenny” as he is known around here. They are placed in an egg-shaped area called “Angel’s Nest.” He was nice enough to explain the way they do things here for the “Feathered Friends” that have passed on and their families who would like to honor and remember them. I need to explain here that I went to Angel’s Rest at about 7:30 this morning and got about five feet into the gates before I fell apart. It was, what you might term as “major heavy-osity.” The “Feel” of the place when you walk in will blow you back. I couldn’t put my finger on it as it is really a beautiful place. It is as if all of the emotions felt by the families of their pets were still wafting in the wind. Consequently, after about ten minutes, I looked like this:

Normally, I’m not a huge emotional wreck. I see too much and have experienced too much at my job where if you react like this, you’re in trouble. But I simply cannot explain the HUGE emotions I felt this morning. I’m fairly logical, but this totally escaped me. Due to the fact that I couldn’t even take a decent photo, I came back later in the day and I ran into Lenny. Here is a video I shot and put together that has Uncle Lenny explain what “Angel’s Nest” is all about:

I know you will understand.