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October 2010

“Teenie Weenie Beanies- The Video

I did a "quick and dirty" version of my cooked bean mix for my birds. I wanted to make them today and I had to go to the store for beans so rather than soak them overnight, I did a... Continue Reading →

Stuff Bird People Like #3: Funny Bird Videos

Bird People like seeing other people's birds doing stuff. Dancing, singing, talking, anything that involves birds, especially parrots doing the charming, the funny or the out-and-out amazing. Many of these videos have gone viral on Youtube, causing these birds to... Continue Reading →

Stuff Bird People Like #2: Clothing With Their Favorite Species of Bird on it.

You'll see these at most any bird-related festival, expo, conference, meeting, bird club get-together, or seminar.  It's usually their favorite species, or one they they happen to have parked in their living room, bird room, or the one currently sitting... Continue Reading →

Stuff Bird People Like #1: Getting Their Photo Taken With Birds

There is a blog out in cyberspace called "Stuff White People Like." No need to be uncomfortable, it is indeed a real blog right here on WordPress, but  I don't write the thing. However, being a Caucasian from the Midwest, there... Continue Reading →

This is Not a “Mommy Blog,” But At Least Their Kids Grow Up

I've been doing some research on blogging, popular blogs, and the ever-popular "Mommy Blog." This "Mommy Blog" subject seems to be the type of blog that's the most popular and gets the most traffic. "Dooce," and "Pioneer Woman," seem to lead... Continue Reading →

Where Do I Belong?

You might be aware of some of my travels in the animal world. The Houston Parrot Festival, The Cincinnati Zoo, the Midwest Bird Expo, Natural Encounters, the BEST Parrot Conference, The Avian Encounters Trilogy Video Premiere and most recently, Best... Continue Reading →

Shari Mirojnick- A Member of the Parrot Nation

This is my friend Shari. Shari is an extraordinary individual in the field of birds. She has a plethora of Greys, (I guess a plethora in this case would be seven.) that she takes exquisite care of and is truly a... Continue Reading →

And the Band Played On…

Rescued and Adopted. About a year ago, I did a presentation at the Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture about getting the word out about your club, rescue, agenda, your work, your product; whatever it was that you were promoting. It... Continue Reading →

My Thank-You Note to the Parrot Garden at Best Friends

Dear Best Friends Parrot Garden Staff, Thank you so much for everything. I wish I could say I was lousy with words because I'm not. But this is a case where words simply aren't enough. I hope this says more... Continue Reading →

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