I’ve been doing some research on blogging, popular blogs, and the ever-popular “Mommy Blog.” This “Mommy Blog” subject seems to be the type of blog that’s the most popular and gets the most traffic.

“Dooce,” and “Pioneer Woman,” seem to lead the pack, with other blogs written by stay-at-home Moms, (Otherwise known in the business as “SAHMs.” Amazing what you learn…) who will entice you in for other reasons. Some have crap to sell. Some have discounts or coupons for crap or review crap. Some just bitch about crap. I always learn something despite my lack of interest in the genre.

Interesting descriptions for these “Mommy Blogs” include this one:

“The Ramblings Of A Prissy, Primped-to-perfection Belle Turned Neurotic, Obsessive Mama That Barely Has Time To Shower. We Are Living Our Lives For Christ, Going Green And Learning A Lot!”

As my friend Lynn is known to say, “Well, all-righty then!” I simply think that’s a hell of a lot of ground to cover.

There is one titled,

“The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom!”

Good God. And just so you know, the exclamation point is not mine.

Here’s an interesting one:

Single Mom Talks About Life With A 2 Year Old Super-sidekick…juggling Single Parenthood, Dating After Divorce, Food Allergies, And Trying To Lose 100lbs!”

Whoah! Lots of ground there. And once again, the exclamation point is not mine.

So I began thinking about this. I don’t have kids. Never really wanted kids. Never really occurred to me to have kids. Never got pregnant. Not sure I ever could, actually. (My Father was an only child. My Mother had two kids ten years apart, and that was rough to get to. My cousin only had one daughter. I don’t come from a family where kids were just popping out every five minutes.)

But my birds? My dog? My friends? That’s a pretty nice family.

While I realize that a hell of a lot more people have kids than parrots, I was simply stunned by the sheer number of Mommy Blogs. Yet, many of them are making money through advertising. If I’d known I could write about kids and being a Mom, maybe I would have…Nawwww! That wouldn’t have happened. Who I am kidding?

Now, I haven’t looked at this one, but this is intriguing:

“How I Escaped A Marriage To A Sociopath. I’m Real. I’m Not Always Perfect. I Whine A Lot And I Crush On Guys Like It’s Crack.”

I noticed she didn’t use an exclamation point. Apparently, she wasn’t too thrilled about escaping a marriage from a sociopath. I certainly would be. Actually, I’d probably be happier about that than being a “Sippy Cup Mom.”

I do know that some of these blogs make a lot of money. A LOT of money. Mine does not make a LOT of money. Mine doesn’t even make a little money. It actually costs me money for the media space and video gigabytes, which is not included. (Kind of like batteries.) But I don’t care. I’m really good at cooking beans, and saving money. (See my post about Saving Money.)

As I’ve said before, there’s more to this than income. I’m really interested in getting good information out to people who are unaware of a few things. Like the fact that an all-seed diet for parrots blows. Such as the fact that enrichment and interaction with your birds is crucial for their well-being. You know, subjects that don’t interest those running in the “Sippy Cup Crowd.” But that’s okay. I mean after all, nobody can say I don’t have three “Crumb Crushers” of my own.