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November 2010

Not Your Average Twisted Mind

"Parrot Nation" Spotlights a "PN" Reader: This is Not Me. You might know me from Facebook. You might know me from "BIRD TALK Magazine." You also might know me from grade school. (Hi Sandy...)  As a result of all of... Continue Reading →

Autumn Chop

I may live in Florida, but we have our own version of Autumn. I see root vegetables in the markets and grocery stores along with pumpkins and squashes galore. Instead of "frost on the pumpkin" it's more like, "No more... Continue Reading →

Phone Books

I have risen to a challenge. My friend Irena Schulz, Founder of "Bird Lovers Only Rescue" and Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo's Caregiver made a comment a while back about how she thought that I could write about phone books and... Continue Reading →

A Parrot Person’s Quiz #2

Please bear in mind that we're having fun here. This is not a serious quiz, it is for entertainment purposes only. This quiz IS a toy. But I wouldn't suggest pulling it over your head. Contents aren't particularly hot but... Continue Reading →


I'm clearly obsessed. And disturbed, did I mention I am feeling very disturbed? Yup, it's the "Mommy Blog" thing again. I know this is primarily a blog about parrots, and I'm in total agreement with this. I can hear it now... Continue Reading →

Parrot-Teacher Conference

I remember "Parent-Teacher" Conferences. My parents would dutifully dress up and go to my school to meet with my teacher of that year. Back then, it was a suit for my Father and a nice poly-blend shift for my Mother... Continue Reading →

Wackadoo Nation

Okay, it's for a cat, but I'm just saying... Do you ever look up in the middle of the day from cleaning a cage, scraping parrot poop off the floor or having to replace the bandage on your hand from... Continue Reading →

Stuff Bird People Like #6: A Great Bird Sitter

Yes, we want it all. We want to clone ourselves and find the best bird sitter there  is. We want the flippin' Mary Poppins of Bird Sitters. We want someone who will dote on our birds, care for them, love... Continue Reading →

Stuff Bird People Like #5: Books About Birds

God knows I have a ton of them: Books on African Greys, on behavior training, diet, stories about parrots, handbooks. You name it, I've probably seen it, own it or I've read it. And the hits just keep on coming.... Continue Reading →

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