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September 2010

Jumpin’ Jack Rabbit!

Bunnies! Love these guys! I had the opportunity to visit the bunny house, work with them for a bit and talk with the staff about what they do to help not only the rabbits that they adopt out, but the... Continue Reading →

Best Friends Botanical Garden

Best Friends is absolutely beautiful. But it didn't get that way without a little help from their Landscaping Department. I had the opportunity to speak with Janiece Holladay, landscaper and horticulturist for Best Friends. She moved to Utah from Iowa... Continue Reading →

Unseen Miracle Workers: Housekeeping at Best Friends

Many people never think about certain important areas of a huge organization like Best Friends. Well, if you come to Best Friends and stay in one of their cabins or cottages or even visit the Welcome Center, these are some... Continue Reading →

Hal, The Mouse Wrangler

Best Friends stands their behind their "kind to animals approach." And they carry it to all animals. This includes any creatures that sneak into their buildings, such as mice. BF uses live traps and Hal's job as mouse wrangler is... Continue Reading →

Angels Landing: A Natural Amphitheater

Angel's Landing is a natural amphitheater created by nature. The acoustics are astounding and it is regularly used for concerts. And it's right here at Best Friends!

Volunteers at Parrot Garden

Volunteers are cruicial to the success of Best Friends and the Staff here is thrilled to have all of the wonderful people that help out each day. Here are a couple of volunteers that came to the Parrot Garden to... Continue Reading →

Cockatoo-Proof Bowls (And a Stolen Hat)

I visited with Brian who was working with some of the Cockatoos and showed me some ingenious feeding stations for 'Toos. Seppi is a rambunctious and energetic little guy who decided he liked my "Alex Foundation" hat.

Virginia’s Mash for Parrots

Virginia is the Chef of the Parrot Garden Kitchen and she prepares a wonderful baked mash for all of the birds at the Parrot Garden. The stuff is fabulous!  

Random Shots of the Parrot Garden

I took some shots just wandering around the Parrot Garden and made this video. It might give you a good idea of how they take care of the birds here at Best Friends:

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