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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Mommy blogs

Picking on the “Mommy Blogs”- Again

Now here's a good Mom. Why? Because I find them absolutely hilarious. I don't even have to read the damned things, I just like reading the descriptions. I suppose it's a little like the opposite of subscribing to Playboy Magazine... Continue Reading →


I'm clearly obsessed. And disturbed, did I mention I am feeling very disturbed? Yup, it's the "Mommy Blog" thing again. I know this is primarily a blog about parrots, and I'm in total agreement with this. I can hear it now... Continue Reading →

This is Not a “Mommy Blog,” But At Least Their Kids Grow Up

I've been doing some research on blogging, popular blogs, and the ever-popular "Mommy Blog." This "Mommy Blog" subject seems to be the type of blog that's the most popular and gets the most traffic. "Dooce," and "Pioneer Woman," seem to lead... Continue Reading →

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