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September 26, 2010

Random Shots of the Parrot Garden

I took some shots just wandering around the Parrot Garden and made this video. It might give you a good idea of how they take care of the birds here at Best Friends:

King O Sings!

King O is a Ducorps Cockatoo that is quite the character here at Best Friends. And he's famous! Here is his Youtube Video:

Horse Haven

Best Friends has horses. And they are up for adoption. I went out with Caregiver Joseph and a couple of volunteers to muck some fields and other jobs that needed to be done:

DogTown Walk at Best Friends

A visit to Best Friends just wouldn't be complete without walking a dog. So I went over to DogTown to walk a little Boston Terrier named Sylvester:

Dani At Dogtown

I was up at Angel Canyon with Brandy and Patti having some lunch and ran into DogTown Caregiver Tom with his good friend Dani:

Piggy Paradise

I spent some time today at Piggy Paradise at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Known by many as "Dogtown," Best Friends has many other departments that make Best Friends the successful operation that it is. Piggy Paradise is one of them:

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