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September 25, 2010

Wild Friends at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Best Friends has an area for animals that come from the wild as well as some domestic ducks, geese, and pigeons. Here is a peek at how things are done at "Wild Friends."

Angel’s Rest Pickup

When there is a death, the Angel's Rest Staff Members, come to that area, pick up the animal and prepare it for placement. In this case there were some animals that passed over at "Wild Friends." Angel's Rest Caretakers Joe... Continue Reading →


One of the advantages of working at Best Friends is being able to bring your pet to work. Here is Tipper, an "Employee" of the Wild Friends Area demonstrating her unique vocal talent:

Outreach Education:

Here at Best Friends, sometimes it's not about what Best Friends can do. It's about what they can do for others. BF is very involved with educating other facilities in doing the best that they can to help animals. In... Continue Reading →

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