My friend Amy in Australia lost her little Galah Cockatoo she named Lilo a while back. I was at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah when Amy alerted me that her friend Terry lost her Galah named Sasha. Best Friends has a place for our animals named “Angels Rest.”  I placed a “memory stone” for Terry’s little Galah.

I wasn’t done. I got two of the Angels Rest caretakers, Uncle Lenny and Joe to come over to Angels Rest, tell me some stories and film me placing a second stone for Lilo, Amy’s little Galah. It was a wonderful and emotional moment. Those two Galahs, Lilo and Sasha now have a front and center spot for being remembered and they will be seen and honored for as long as those stones last. It was a privilege to place those memory stones for my friends Amy and Terry’s birds. I felt so many emotions and will treasure the thought of the moment when I was able to do something for the remembrance of the birds I never had the privilege of meeting. But at least I had a hand in preserving their memory forever. Fly free at Rainbow Bridge, Lilo and Sasha. I love you. It was an honor.