Getting licks and kisses from Layla

Layla is a pit bull that was one of the 22 brought in by Best Friends to rehabilitation. They aren’t sure what Layla’s role was at Bad Newz Kennels, but they know she had one litter of puppies and that she most likely got into a few informal fights with other dogs there. For the most part, they think she was intended to be a breeder dog. I may have the details wrong and if I do, please set me straight.

Layla is one of the last few remaining Victory dogs left at Best Friends. As the third Vick dog to end up at the Parrot Garden, they have the routine down. They had amazing success with the first two dogs due to the people walking by her enclosure, the phone ringing and the general business of the place. It has helped them adjust to “real life” situations.

She has calmed down, loves Jacque and Kevin and she is feeling comfortable with groups of people, especially strangers. She is healing. She gets attention, positive reinforcement and long walks with Kevin. All of this attention and affection seems to be doing the trick. She is setting herself up to pass the Canine Good Citizenship Test in a heartbeat.

Here is a short video I shot of Jacque taking Layla out for a “sit down” and then for a walk: