Once again I find myself getting ready to get ready.

I’m going back to Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, but this time I’m not going alone. Apparently there will be a small band of us going. Most of them for the first time, and for one, it’ll be her first trip on an airplane.

Bonnie Grafton: Sister Spawn of Satan…

Yes, Bonnie Grafton of Bonnie’s Birds will be winging her way out to Kanab with us.

Rebecca Stockslager will be holding down the fort while she is gone.

Entrance to the underground seep.

Bonnie has never been on a plane before.  Naturally, this blows my mind, but I guess it happens. Can’t wait to see what she has to say about that… I have of course been on a plane so much of my life, I can probably count on the speculation that I’ve spent literally years flying in a plane, 24/7.  I don’t even want to think about it. Life goes on down on planet earth and I’m circling Sao Paulo…

Our purpose? Oh, I don’t know really. Janet Hilton has never seen the place and wants to see what the fuss is all about. They can always use the help and I know they have some pretty big projects where we can lend a hand.

Ack! The indignity…

When some of my friends got wind they we were going, hands began popping up. Can I go? Mind if I come along? Well, we didn’t mind a bit. I know for a fact that there is plenty of work for everyone.

Kelly’s coming as soon as she gets that bird off of her shoulder…

It’s an absolutely beautiful part of the country. I was absolutely stunned at how drop dead gorgeous it is. I was once riding back to town with Jacque Johnson, the Manager of the Parrot Garden and I asked her, “You don’t see it anymore do you?” Meaning, that she no longer notices the cliffs and the color and the magnitude and beauty of it. She’d been there for a while, at the time, at least a few months.


And she said, “No, not really. Not any more. But every once in a while I make myself look and I can see it again.” Just like anything else, I guess you get used to it.

Well, what do you do there? I have a lot of videos about what I did the last time I was there. I walked a pig, cleaned up horse manure and groomed a horse, I got to see a natural seep, tasted Polygamy Porter beer for the first time, (well, this is Utah after all…) folded bunny laundry, walked a dog, cleaned parrot cages; well, you get the idea.

I walked Felix!


And while I was doing that, I was also videotaping what I saw, editing the videos, interviewing people, posting at the blog, and periodically dousing my head into a gallon sized jar of moisturizer. I’m kidding about that but it’s not far off. It gets pretty damned dry up there.

There is a ton to do, a ton to see and much to accomplish. I know Jacque has some projects in line for us and when all else fails, there’s always foraging toys to make. I guess the point of going to Kanab aside from seeing a really gorgeous and unusual part of the country is to learn something.

King O Rules the roost at the Parrot Garden…

I wanted to see how they did things. I had never before seen a brick and mortar rescue before and wanted to see the process. They have figured out a way of getting things done that is streamlined, efficient and seems to work beautifully.

His future’s so bright he’s got to wear shades…

They have also made a load of improvements since my last visit. They were just building the Grey Aviary and not only is that complete, they have another one up as well as walkways installed and an inside accessible outside area for the Vick Dogs they periodically work with. I’ve been going over my videos and posts to remember people and places, areas and details. So far it looks like about ten of us are going. A few people I have met, and a few I have yet to meet.

My footwear of choice for Best Friends..

But I do know that this team will get some serious work done as well as manage to have quite a bit of fun. I’m trying to remember everything so I don’t waste time while I am there. It’s a big place and remembering the details will help me work more efficiently. Wish us luck and know that we’ll be posting photos and videos as well as the story as it happens. Details of the dates, etc. will be coming…