No, not that kind of pole dancing; this kind:

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The butt-freezing, icy fingers, “Oh my God, it’s so damned cold, I’m freezing my tail off!” kind of pole. The North Pole. The Big Kahuna of adventures. The top of the world. After I entered I thought, “What in God’s name have I done?” Well, I’ll tell you what I’ve done, I’ve just stuck my foot into what will be the adventure of a lifetime if I’m selected. But Jeeez, what I’ll have to go through if I win! Whoah!

Quark Expeditions

Sponsored by Quark Expeditions, this contest has large and wide appeal to those who write or blog.  And if you go, you get this cool jacket:

It’s a trip for two and it’s grueling. You have to be in pretty good shape and can be disqualified if you have any health issues. First you fly to Helsinki, Finland. Then you go to Murmansk, Russia and embark on a nuclear- powered ice breaker ship and you’re on the Arctic Ocean for six days. On day nine, you spend the day at 90 degrees North and have a barbeque at the pole. (I’ll be busy drinking champagne and running around the world a few times. And of course, I’ll have to do a “Pole Dance.”)

You can run the latitude of the world in a few seconds at the longitude. The next day you head south as any direction you head from the north pole is south. Days eleven through thirteen you’re at sea again and you disembark on day fourteen back in Russia. And on day fifteen, you return home from Helsinki which will take me freakin’ forever back to South Florida. I’m thinking that with the travel time to and from Helsinki, I’d be gone almost three weeks. Not an easy trip for anyone. It departs from Helsinki June 23 and returns July 7, 2011.

I’m hoping the “Parrot Nation” Readers will help out by voting for my entry at Quark Expeditions. Here is the link to my entry:

Santa’s Sleigh Needs a Flight Attendant

If you have a Facebook account, it’s super-easy to register; it’s just one button registration to vote. I thank you all so much for voting for my entry. If I’m selected, I’ll take a ton of photos and video and faithfully blog about the experience. It will also become a chapter in my book. It’s a wonderful subject to write about. It won’t be an easy trip, but it will certainly be an exciting one to share with everyone. I thank you so much for your support and votes for my entry!