Luggage: Out Again?

I’m thinking about entering this contest.

Blog your way to the North Pole!

But I’m kind of twisted about it. First of all, I used to live in Minnesota. I am really familiar with being cold. Whooo, baby! I’ve withstood temperatures down to – 47 below zero and when you spit and the spit freezes before it hits the sidewalk and bounces, well, then, you know it’s cold.

I’m twisted about it in another sense as well. I adore penguins, but there aren’t any in the Arctic; it’s the wrong damned end of the world.

But there is a really cool bird I’m familiar with and looked after at the Cincinnati Zoo that I would like to see in the wild: The Puffin. Here is a short video I took of one of the Puffins at the Cincinnati Zoo, and If I won this contest, I would most likely get to see Puffins in the wild on this trip:

The trip is for two. Who would I bring? Lots of names have crossed my mind. I could bring a close friend. Or I could bring someone who would get the most out of the experience. Someone in the field of birds. Do you see my dilemna? This is of course, if I won. No guarantee of that. But in the meantime, it’s kind of like dreaming about winning the lottery. But this time, the ticket has frost on it.