Looking “Normal”

I’ve shot quite a bit of video in my adventures in the bird world, with more to come. Of course, when you work with animals and people, a lot of it ended up on the “cutting room floor” so to speak. But some of those clips had some value when you took them out of context; as long as you mixed them with other clips that were just as bad, or just as clumsy.  Some are just plain funny. Not all of them are strictly bird-related, just as this blog isn’t necessarily entirely bird-related. Just as a word of warning. I rated this video PG because I do let go with an F-Bomb in one of the clips. So if that offends you, cover your ears.  But it was only once! I promise!

Photo Courtesy of Lynn Scott Watts

Many of them were shot at the Cincinnati Zoo when I was working as a Guest Keeper in September of 2009.  Some were shot at the Houston Parrot Festival, and others were outtakes from some of the videos I made about “Chop” and giving my parrots a shower. While I’m pretty serious about getting good information out to people, I’m not one to take myself too seriously. And I think this video definitely demonstrates that! I hope you have fun with it. And I’m sorry about the F-Bomb.