I’m being interviewed Sunday night at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on a Webcast at: “Ask the Bird Experts” Here’s the link:


And they want me to talk about my “Chop” recipe. No surprise there. And I’m happy to do it because It’s a concept I can believe in.

It’s been a little overwhelming because while I thought people would be interested in the idea of making “Chop” for their birds, I didn’t quite anticipate the overwhelming positive response to it. Man! But I think it’s terrific and I can just see birds all over the world looking better, feeling spunkier and getting healthier due to their diet of “Chop” along with sprouts, nuts, treats and a formulated pelleted diet. I can also almost feel them getting more active and driving their families a little nuts due to it! But it sure beats having a bird with vitamin deficiencies and liver issues due to an all-seed diet. So if you have a little time on Sunday, tune in. It ought to be at worse, funny at my expense, and at best, a lot of fun. You can also ask questions about the “Chop Concept” or better yet, you can tell me and the Hosts, Tamaran and Quincy Scarborough what you do to make “Chop.” Tell us about your “Chop” Parties, the ingredients you like to add, or how you mix or package it.

Tell us any old thing about how you make your “Chop.” I’m always learning from people and get the best ideas from those who make it.  I’d love to hear about your “Chop Parties,” or great stories about how easy it is in the day-to-day for you.  Can’t wait to hear from you!