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September 2009

Andean Condor

I happened to be walking by the Andean Condor enclosure and saw this. According to Steve, this male Condor is most likely engaging in "Thermoregulation." He's regulating his body temperature by spreading his wings out in the sun:

Just Browsing

In the wild, animals are constantly interacting with plants, shrubs, trees and foliage. It is not only nourishment, but for fun and enrichment. It is entertainment and stimulation and animals love interacting with it. ¬†At the Cincinnati Zoo, they have... Continue Reading →

Cincinnati Zoo’s Award Winning Insectarium

Karen, Cincinnati Zoo's long-time Insectarium Keeper, shows me a glimpse of what it's like to work in Cincinnati Zoo's Insectarium and straightens up the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Exhibit:

Tall Blondes, the Elephant House and Val’s Spiel

I shot some footage of the Giraffes waiting to go into their yard, the Elephant House and finally I managed to get Val, the Elephant Keeper doing his"Meet the Keeper " moment in the Elephant Yard:

IT/ AV Guru of the Cincinnati Zoo

I lost the internet connection at the Bird House so I had to bring my laptop over to Dutch, the Internet Tech Guru at the Zoo for a little look-see. My schedule is a little cramped as I am following... Continue Reading →

Moving an Emu

Mel the Emu got a new enclosure to hang out in. The Bird House Staff in collaboration with Wildlife Canyon and "Wings of Wonder" Bird Show Staff helped with Mel's move. Mel is one big bird!:

Lunch With Carole and Kim

Steve and I had some special guests for lunch. After lunch they had the opportunity to feed lunch to the penguins. It was a fun day:

The Reptile House

My friends Mike, Hermit and Lana invited me to the Reptile House. Here is my day with them:

The Oriental Garden: Peace and Koi

The Oriental Garden is such a beautiful spot in the zoo:

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