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July 2009

The Chop Blog

Well, I told you I'd be calling this the "Chop Blog" if the hits and questions kept coming! I asked some of my Readers if they would be so kind to send me some of their photos and thoughts on... Continue Reading →

Parker vs Paper Plate

Parker knows how to play! I'm a lucky parrot person. Parker knows how to play with cheap stuff: like paper plates. In this footage, I caught about the last two minutes of about FORTY minutes of Parker messing around with... Continue Reading →

2009 Animal Education Foundation Symposium

      Here's the dealio on the AEF Symposium! (And don't let the word "Symposium" twist your noodle! It's just a bunch of really great people who know what they're talking about get together and they all yak about the... Continue Reading →

The Petco Festival in Naples: A Flappin’ Good time!

  I was invited by the Naples, Florida Petco to join in the festivities and participate in their First Annual Pet Festival. It was a Fundraiser for the "Petco Foundation." According to their website: "In February, 1999, the PETCO Foundation... Continue Reading →

Long Island, Here I Come!

                                           The LIPS Expo Link: LIPS is having me come and speak on October third at their Parrot Expo... Continue Reading →

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