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                                           The LIPS Expo Link: http://www.liparrotsociety.org/parrotexpo.htm

LIPS is having me come and speak on October third at their Parrot Expo on October third. This should be interesting. This year’s theme is “Parrots, The Reality Show.” I got a kick out of the fact that they want me to talk to them about the reality of living with parrots. I’m not sure what I can tell them that they don’t already know! But I think the real reason they want me to speak is because of the Memos in “BIRD TALK.” And that’s fine. People seem to like those little suckers and I love writing them.

Some of the subjects for the memos come very easily to me and I can knock out the basic draft in about a half an hour, spending more time polishing it, but the gist is there in a short period of time. Others aren’t as easy; it seems like it takes a pair of pliers, some bailing wire and long forceps to drag some of them out of the “writing tool” in my head. 

SizePliersBigI don’t know why that is. The basic concept and gesture is there; I know what I’m writing about. It’s more about the rhythm of the piece and the way it flows that I occasionally have trouble with .

I love writing them. And I know that when I first finish one, I have to put it away for a while and let it bake. a week or two later, I go back to it. If it makes ME laugh out loud in places, I know I am on to something.


Now if I could write like Darby Conley, artist and writer of the strip, “Get Fuzzy”, I’d really have something. I love his stuff! He’s not afraid of giving his animals attitude, and Bucky, pictured above, is about as nasty a pet cat can be. 


Now that I think about it, Bucky the Siamese isn’t that far away in personality from Parker. Parker is just as destructive, but he’s a bit more upbeat than the Buckster. 

 But, I’ll do the best I can with explaining the Memos and how I write them. In the meantime, here is one more “Bucky View” from “Get Fuzzy”: