Spork! Spork!

This blogging thing isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would have a platform where they could say what was on their mind. Wait a minute…there’s always Facebook. What was I thinking?

Nevertheless, you occasionally find yourself in a wasteland when you are trying to come up with something relevant to say about something when nothing volunteers to  be relevant, or newsworthy or worth talking about. At that point, you have to look inward and hope to hell you aren’t faced with an abyss that day.

“What if we made a mop that is self-wringing?”

If there’s nothing going on, or I want to write about something, even though there is nothing to write about, I normally will just think of something that has happened to me, or has happened to someone else and write about it. If I’m taking a trip or attending an event, I will write about that.

I’ve been lucky. Or desperate. Or just plain crazy. I’m not sure where the line between creative and crazy fades, so you’ve got me there. But I think when you step over that line from, “What is practical?” to “What could I do if there were no limits?” well then, that’s where you can get really busy and come up with solutions.

Photo courtesy of Janet Hilton.

“Hey. What if we sliced the bread before we sold it?”

Someone somewhere along the line has come up with really smart stuff. Not only for birds, but for all kinds of things. How did they come up with them? They were “creative.” Now what does that mean?

“What if we put a magnetic strip on the wall to store knives?”

It means they thought of something that people needed before people knew they needed it. 

What a concept! (Whatever the concept is.)  Somebody had to think of it. Simple. Practical. Easy. But nobody did it for years. Why not? Nobody thought of it. This is where TED comes in. TED stand for Technology, Entertainment, Design. And here is the link to their website: TED

I love TED. TED is an inspiration for me and for legions all over the world. To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes, “TED is fun. TED is cool. TED is the entire point of being an adult.” Blogging isn’t easy. And for those of you “leaping into the breach,” so to speak, I applaud you. It’s not easy. But sometimes all you have to do occasionally is look around. TED is one way of getting inspiration. Another is simply looking at your mop.