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June 2012

What’s Important?

If you think it's important, I got the image here at Zimbio That's right. It's a question. And it's something that has been bugging me lately. Look, I am┬ásick to death of all of this Kardashian Krap going on. They... Continue Reading →

Giving Them Credit

I'm all for hanging out with my birds. They're part of my life and an important part. They are my first consideration when I'm going anywhere doing anything. And if you are a responsible family member with birds, you do... Continue Reading →

“Parrot Nation’s Chopalooza! The 2012 Tour”

Naturally, the title is tongue-in-cheek but you never know. However, I made a video about this event taking place Saturday, July 14th at Bonnie's Birds in Port Charlotte, Florida as a fundraiser for the Florida Parrot Rescue. Here is the... Continue Reading →

Avian Studios Latest DVD: A Review

This is a review that's wayyy overdue, but I've been overwhelmed lately due to my high altitude career and other issues and projects that have been crowding my brain. So my apologies to Avian Studios and others for not having... Continue Reading →

The “Dawn” of a New Day

Picture from "Adweek" I have a dirty little secret. Well. It isn't dirty; rather it's a very clean secret. Now you all know that I'm the thrifty sort. I come from a long line of toothpaste tube squeezers, "Use the... Continue Reading →

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