Long story but I’ll try and make it shorter. There is a fabulous blogger who goes by the name: The Bloggess. Her name is Jenny Lawson and she is one twisted sister. She’s an incredibly talented writer and funnier than hell. Irena Schulz turned me on to her with a link to a post about the Jenny’s purchase of a giant metal chicken.

I was laughing my keester off at the post and did a little bit of digging. One of her posts involved her purchase of a stuffed weasel. And of course not one to leave well enough alone, Jenny decided to put a pink apron on her and named her Juanita. She then proceeded to put hysterical captions above a photo of Juanita and graciously provided a blank for her readers to create their own “Photo-toons.” Being almost as twisted as “The Bloggess,” I have decided to employ Juanita and have her present a series of tips for making Chop. This is the first: