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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Juanita the Weasel’s Tips For Chop

Juanita’s Lament

Juanita is a genius when it comes to making Chop, but her filing skills are somewhat limited. She sometimes relies on the kindness of the less "organizationally challenged" to keep her office and records intact. Once again, thanks go the... Continue Reading →

Juanita’s Promise

Juanita tells it like it is. She likes putting dandelion greens in her Chop and she gets a tad upset if she can't find them:

Juanita Sees the Bright Side

Juanita’s Cuisinart Conundrum

Juanita Weighs In

As you can imagine, Juanita has taken on a life of her own here at Parrot Nation. I like her. She’s a tad bitchy, but she does tend to stick to her knitting, and her convictions. She says things I... Continue Reading →

Juanita’s Apron Rage

Juanita's apron is not really her style as you might have learned. She's not quite the "Land-Sakes-Alive!" little old lady type of weasel. But Juanita has an explanation for her from-frou style of clothing protection when she is making Chop.... Continue Reading →

Juanita Wants Them Dry!

Juanita has a thing or two to say about moisture in her Chop. She wants those vegatables dry, dammit, dry! Juanita insist that all vegetables be dry to the touch. Putting them out in the sun for a bit evaporates... Continue Reading →

Juanita Shouts Out

Despite Juanita's "edginess," she does know how to laugh now and again. Especially when my friend Carmel Mahan pipes up with a remark that turns my toes to cupcakes. When she's not being bitchy about Chop, Juanita can be a... Continue Reading →

Juanita Gets Tough About Quinoa

Juanita wants to make sure every batch of her Chop has plenty of quinoa in it. Don't mess with Juanita on this point...

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