This is in Kanab, Utah. Shocking how gorgeous it is. It practically brought me to tears.  I got into Kanab by way of St. George on a commuter plane. Patti Platia a friend and Best Friends (BF) employee picked me up there and we drove back to Kanab on Monday evening. I was whipped, jet-lagged and by the time I got some sleep, I had been up 22 hours. Ragged! Tuesday morning, I drove into BF with Patti, who works in the Pig and Horse area. Consequently, this is the first animal at BF that I met:

What a cutie! I’ve always loved pigs. I took a guided tour, which was amazing. Anne gave the tour on one of their vans and it was incredible!

That’s Anne!

Anne has worked at BF for over six years if I remember correctly and she is just full of great stories and wonderful insight into BF. She was an amazing tour guide. And let me assure you, you need a tour guide. BF along has over three thousand acres. And it is adjacent to 30,000 acres of land protected by the Bureau of Land Management. So you can imagine the scope and size of this place. Eventually, I got to the Parrot Garden. Wow.  This will give you a taste of what I saw on my first day. The videos I will be presenting are “Q & D” videos. I don’t have time to get all creative with them right now: