I had some visitors yesterday:

These are Egyptian Geese. The only reason I know this is because I spotted them on the golf course around Christmas when I was working on another post. I snapped this photo and sent it to Steve Malowski, “Lead Cheese in Charge” at the Cincinnati Zoo Bird House:

Naturally he knew right off what they were; Egyptian Geese. There was a pair out at the golf course that had flocked up with some muscovy ducks and some egrets. It got REALLY cold down here in Florida in December and January, so I bought a 50 pound bag of cracked corn for some extra calories to help them through the cold snap. They seemed appreciative.

Yesterday, I was messing around with some dishes and getting a list together to make bean mix for my Greys when I heard this God-awful commotion coming from outside my porch. There they were: five floors up hanging out on the railing directly outside of my porch screen door. I grabbed my camera, some bread and seed and started feeding and shooting:

You wouldn’t believe the honking and fussing going on. Good God! Such a ruckus! And they certainly weren’t very afraid of me. I actually hand fed them a few morsels.

It was so much fun having them visit.

I hope they come back. I love their colors and the fuss they were kicking up. They were fun!