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I realize that I refer to Phoenix Landing frequently in some of my posts. Perhaps you don’t know much about them.  It was established to promote and protect the welfare of parrots, especially those with an extensive lifespan.Phoenix Landing (PL) is a non-profit parrot welfare and education foundation. But they do more than just place parrots. They sponsor research of wild habitats and natural parrot behaviors, provide educational activities regarding the care and needs of parrots, and from what I’ve been able to gather, throw some pretty good parties for their volunteers! They provide ongoing support for the families who adopt the birds of PL, providing ongoing support and education for them. Some of the events they have are “NOURISH TO FLOURISH”, A Cooking Class for Parrots, a Behavior Workshop for building a positive relationship with your Parrot, and my favorite: “Getting Jiggy With Junk”, a toy building workshop!

They have an eye to the future of these long living creatures and are working towards building a center for these birds in North Carolina. It will be home to an Education and Conference Center, where they will sponsor cutting-edge programs about parrot care for people nationwide. This Adoption Center will allow birds to meet prospective families and be housed properly until they are adopted. The Education and Conference Center will also be available to host other special events, such as symposiums regarding conservation or the environment. The Landing will also be the permanent home to some birds living in free-flight aviaries. Lastly, a small number of rentable suites will be available overlooking the flights.

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Exciting stuff but it’s going to take money. Ann Brooks and her volunteers have managed to place literally hundreds of birds over the years, but there are still hundreds waiting for “a place to land”. And they could use your help. while I realize money is a little tight these days, there are other ways to help them. They have a “Wish List” of items that they could put to good use. Some of these items are: auction Items for their National Symposium in  November of 2009,  Avery Labels 8167 White, Full spectrum light bulbs and fixtures, especially OTT, Sturdy cages in good condition, and of course they can always use parrot toys! You can help by purchasing your supplies through them.  They get excellent deals from their suppliers so you can spend more money on your parrot, and your support also helps care for the parrots of Phoenix Landing. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Dr. Irene Pepperberg wearing the scarf I made for a PL Auction.

If you have a minute, please visit them at and take a look at their very well done website. They have a ton of great content and I think you’ll enjoy what they have to offer.  And if you can, please give them a hand. I just love what they are trying to accomplish and I hope you can help them out. Thank you.