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March 2009

My Major Award From Rebecca K. O’Connor At “Heckled By Parrots”!

  I received Rebecca's book, A Parrot For Life as a prize for the best story about how my birds got their names. You can see it at Rebecca's Blog, "Heckled by Parrots". It's a pretty good story about... Continue Reading →

For My Friends at the Cincinnati Zoo Bird House

Hi Guys, I hope you are having a good lunch...I understand you're having burritos today courtesy of the "Big Kahoona", Steve Malowski. Well, enjoy your burritos and in honor of such a festive oocasion, I have posted a video for... Continue Reading →

Frosty Shakes His Tail Feathers to Ray Charles

Now I've seen some dancing birds before, but this little guy rocks out! Frosty is going viral on the Internet!          This little guy is terrific!

Tidying up “Parrot Nation”

For the most part I don't write my Blog on paper and then transfer it to my laptop, but when I get a good idea, I will write it down in a notebook I keep in my purse for the... Continue Reading →

“BIRD TALK” Magazine: Home of “Memo to Parker and Pepper”

(photo credit: Kent Hammit) This is the photo used in my column in "Bird Talk" Magazine. The column, titled "Memo to Parker and Pepper" has now gone monthly according to an email from a "Parrot Nation" reader. This makes me... Continue Reading →

Keeping My Pen to the Paper…(or fingers to the keyboard)

I was messing around on Facebook, trying to wrangle a couple of good ideas for "Parrot Nation" and for the Column I write for in "Bird Talk Magazine" called "Memos to Parker and Pepper". Sometimes something as simple as someone... Continue Reading →

A Diversion From your Normal “Parrot Nation” Post

      This is a long, long post. It's not "parrot related" necessarily, but families with parrots might benefit from it. I've done research on saving money and economizing...a subject of interest these days. This post is based on... Continue Reading →

When Are You Ever Done?

(Katherine Thorpe of the Animal Educational Foundation Training Palmer the Palm Cockatoo) (Photo courtesy Steve Martin of NEI Inc.) When are you done? It's a simple question, really. When it comes to birds, I guess you aren't ever really "done".... Continue Reading →

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