For the most part I don’t write my Blog on paper and then transfer it to my laptop, but when I get a good idea, I will write it down in a notebook I keep in my purse for the times I am away from my laptop. I spend an inordinate amount of time on airplanes and thinking about my blog at seven in the morning while breaking up bags of ice, making inserts for the top of the cart, rearranging the cart interior, hauling 40 pound inserts full of sodas, and rearranging the position of the carts is entertaining. It’s a mind toy; something to think about while I’m doing mundane and repetitive tasks. Occasionally I get some really slamming ideas in this intellectual  vacuum. There’s nobody on the plane and I have no company except a bunch of carts and the coffee makers. So it gives me something to do. Due to the publication of my first column in “Bird Talk” Magazine and the pending delivery of the next issue containing “Memo to Parker and Pepper”, traffic has gone up around here and I expect more visitors. Just as I do at home when I expect company, I try and straighten things up a little and make sure I have a little something to offer. While I can’t offer my readers a cheese plate, some crackers and a glass of wine, I can straighten things up and make sure everything is in its place:

So you might have noticed a few changes. I cleaned up the tags and got those to follow with a little more logic. I added a couple of categories including one titled, “Saving Money-Thrifty Habits” due to the popularity of the two posts I did about economizing in the current economy. While these aren’t necessarily “parrot related”, we all have to eat whether we have parrots or not. Believe it or not, not all of my readers have parrots.  I also added some more links and categorized the links to make them easier to understand. So now, “Resources”  are links to other useful websites and the “Blogroll” lists other blogs that I think you might find interesting.  Well, it’s been 2 days of working on this flipping Blog and it’s beginning to look a little better. I wasn’t raised with computers laying around the house. The closest thing to a laptop in my house growing up was an “Etch-a-Sketch” and a portable Royal typewriter. Later on my Dad got an “IBM Selectric” electric typewriter. There were five channels on the TV and when you talked on the phone you were limited to moving around as far as the curly cord would reach. And yes, I “dialed” instead of “pressed”. The first time I saw a color T.V. at a neighbor’s house, “Bozo’s Circus” was on the air and I remember turning “Ringmaster Ned’s” face to green because it was so interesting to me. I have actually eaten “Space Food Sticks”. We had the first reel-to-reel tape recorder in the neighborhood and in 1963, that was massively “high-tech”. 

Putting together this Blog has been a leap of faith for me. I’m not completely inept, but certain things took time to figure out. I spent a bit of time ripping my hair out, but I’m getting a little smoother with understanding how things are done here.

Writing which tends to come naturally to me, and designing and managing a blog are two completely different plates of potatoes. I like working with it and it’s fun, but the technical side of managing the posts had me dithering. But things are coming along swimmingly now. The “Welcome Mat” is out and I think I’m almost ready for Company!