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February 2009

Facebook. An Incredible Phenomenon…

I'd heard of Facebook but didn't quite know what to think. I joined Facebook sometime in January from an invitation sent to me from a cyber friend. This cyber-friend actually has the same last name as me and had been... Continue Reading →

Parrot Nation Reader Logs in Her “Chop” Recipe

   Shari Mirojnick's 20 plus year old Grey, Fred, with a "food beard". My friend and "Parrot Nation" reader Nancy Mason emailed me and told me how very similiar her recipe was to my "Chop" recipe and added a few twists... Continue Reading →

Puppy Bowl Is Kicked off By a Parrot!

The Fifth Annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet begins at 3 p.m. Opening Ceremonies are highlighted with An African Grey Parrot singing the National Anthem. Pepper the Parrot will be wearing fashionable "Steeler" Grey and "Cardinal" Red.  

Parrot Food For Thought

I just made a fresh batch of food for the Greys. I'm sorry the photo isn't better, but if I had dragged out my camera and then dragged out everything to upload it, I never would have shot it, so I... Continue Reading →

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