Shari Mirojnick’s 20 plus year old Grey, Fred, with a “food beard”.

My friend and “Parrot Nation” reader Nancy Mason emailed me and told me how very similiar her recipe was to my “Chop” recipe and added a few twists to her version. If only I had a freezer big enough to make that much! :

I read your Parrot Nation “Parrot Food for Thought”. What you do for your Greys is so similar to what I do for my parrots. They love this conglomeration of mixed foods and I so agree with you that with everything chopped fairly small, they can’t pick out just their very most favorite things without getting something else that is stuck to it too. It just warms my heart when their beak comes up out of their bowl completely covered with mashed up food.

I make a 9×13 pan of birdy bread which usually consists of organic corn bread mix; eggs and shells; fresh, chopped up broccoli and carrots; canned pumpkin pie mix (with spices); 4 jars of baby food; dry baby cereal; almond butter and some ground up pellets (usually Roudybush or TOPs). I add any combination of the following: wheat grass powder; red palm oil; kelp granules; flax seed meal; celery seed; alfalfa powder; barley powder. To adjust the moisture content I use applesauce.

Then I make up a big batch of one of the cooked pre-made bird foods like Polly’s Pasta, or some such thing.

I combine the cooked bird food with the Birdie Bread in a giant bowl. Then I run 2 or 3 bags of frozen vegetables through the food processor and mix that in. I sometimes will cook up a squash and add that too. I grate up some cheese (not too much) and add that to all of the above.

This is all mixed up and then put into the containers. I usually end up with about 20 containers to put in the freezer. It ends up looking quite a bit like your “Chop”. It takes me a couple of hours to make all of it but I end up having enough food to last for about a month.

My birds get this in the evening for dinner and Coconut gets a little for breakfast (along with fresh, leafy greens and a bit of chopped fresh fruits and vegs. Peaches gets all fresh fruits and vegs. for breakfast.

You had some great additional ideas that I can’t wait to try. I’m due to make a batch any day now. Thanks for the info.

I see I’m not the only one who plans ahead when it comes to feeding her birds and that is gratifying. I enjoy taking care of my birds and feeding them, but I simply don’t have the time to cut fresh food every day and do it properly. But with a little pre-planning and forethought you can feed your birds with healthy stuff and still have time for the rest of your life.

And now for some “Vegetable Music”. May I present the “Vegetable Orchestra! :