(photo credit: Kent Hammit)

This is the photo used in my column in “Bird Talk” Magazine. The column, titled “Memo to Parker and Pepper” has now gone monthly according to an email from a “Parrot Nation” reader. This makes me very happy as I happen to like the “Memo” series and I also happen to like to make people feel good about their birds despite the frustrations, the confusion, and the sometimes really awful mess they tend to leave in their wake.

“BIRD TALK” also has a really big website called “The Bird Channel” that covers any topic you can think of: Birds in the news, diet, health, behavior training, cages and playstands, blogs by the staff,  products, travel, and much more. There are videos sent in by readers of their birds, and your birds can also get their own “web page” enabling you to post photos, tell the story of your bird and send and receive messages from other “bird friends”.  By visiting the site, voting in polls, posting in your web page, and taking quizzes, you can get points which you can trade for a subscription or for products.

Here is a link to the Bird Channel:     Bird Channel


“BIRD TALK” is a very visually appealing magazine with plenty of gorgeous photographs and solid information that covers many subjects which beginner as well as seasoned “bird families” will find useful. My column is just for a laugh, although I have written features for them about many subjects.

“BIRD TALK” is a general information magazine and it’s the magazine I began with when I first got Parker. Aside from the articles, the resources it contains will get you on the right road for yet more information.

Overall, “BIRD TALK” is the Magazine to subscribe to in order to get the latest information on bird shows, festivals, seminars and events, the latest products and toys, and what’s happening in the world of the avian enthusiast. And you can also catch my column, “Memo to Parker and Pepper”!