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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


May 2009

Pepper Turned a Corner

That's Pepper on the right. She's a perfectly charming African Grey. She's eighteen years old and she came to live with Parker and me about 3 years ago. She was found by my friend Shari housed in an 18x18 inch... Continue Reading →

I’m Getting a Tiffin and Taking it on the Road

Have you ever heard of a "Tiffin?" I knew what they were, but until recently I didn't know what they were called. These are Tiffins: According to Wikipedia this is the definition and derivation of the word "Tiffin": Tiffin is lunch,... Continue Reading →

Gone Chop Crazy!

Due to the popularity of this post and requests to repost, I'm reposting it! Well, the "Chop" has hit the fan and it's flying all over the place like feathers in a windstorm. I've gotten so many questions about it... Continue Reading →

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