Photo on January-27-14 at 7.04 PM #2This is why.

It’s simple: It’s about time. It’s about space. It’s about peace of mind. It’s about getting it clean and orderly and getting more elbow room. It’s about creating space for not only you but creating time for you to spend with the flock. They are important enough to make time and space for.


Unless they would prefer that you use your time filtering through your stuff to find the stuff that you need, you are better off with an efficient and streamlined life.

Personally, I think your birds would want to have you spend time with them rather than plowing through stuff you don’t use trying to find something in the back of your closet that you do need.

I know, I know.  All of your stuff seems important. It all looks valuable. And it is. Until you get it out of your home. That is when you will never remember you owned that damned pair of pants that never fit right anyway. Give yourself some space. Give your flock some space.


This space gives you a gift: The gift of time. You need this mantra when you are going through this process:  “I don’t need it.”

Say it: I don’t need it. And to be honest, you probably don’t. You really don’t. You may want it. You may like it. But be honest. How many sweatshirts do you really wear? How many T-shirts do you need?

Please realize something: This is what washing machines are for. They wash the clothes you own. They recycle dirty clothes back into clean clothing. Most of us do this at least once every couple of weeks. At least. So please. Think about this. You simply don’t need 50 T-shirts. You just don’t.

Yeah, I know. It’s hard. I have sentimental T-shirts and sweatshirts. I love them. Some I am so very proud of! But good God, get rid of the ones that are shredded due to your parrot. Get over it already. Move on! It’s a piece of cotton with some graphics on it.

It’s simple really. You may like it. You might really love it. But if it serves no purpose, if you haven’t worn it, used it, if it’s broken or cracked or if it is stuck in the back of a closet or in the attic and hasn’t seen the light of day in years, there is simply no reason to own it anymore. It’s taking up valuable space in your life.


What is more valuable than time? Some people want to do the Ebay thing. Some think they are going to make a fortune on a yard sale. Well, I’ve done the yard sale thing.  And it wasn’t worth the hassle, the time and the energy. Give it to your favorite charity and move on. Take the damned tax deduction and simplify your life. Make it easy on yourself.


Because I can tell you this: The time and energy you save is worth more than the measly couple of hundred bucks you might make on some yard sale.

Be quick about it. Just put it in the donation bag. It isn’t a friend, an old buddy or anything to get wistful about.

And if it has a tag on it, especially if it has a tag on it and you haven’t worn it within a reasonable amount of time, get rid of it. It is no longer worth the value stated on the tag. It was simply a mistake and you do not have to live with this mistake. Forgive yourself and move on.

I never just go shopping simply because there is a sale going on. I shop for clothes when I have an immediate need for something. And if I need it immediately, it means that tag is coming right off because I bought it to wear, not to hang in my closet and admire. I do not collect clothing. I wear it.

I have an absolutely gorgeous jacket I bought around eight years ago. It’s a black jacket that comes to my waist. It has lots of tucks, pleats and tiny stitching in brown thread. It’s stunning and looks really nice on me. Doesn’t look much on the hanger, but trust me.


 It also cost me a fortune. The thing is, I’ve worn it over and over. And over. I’ve gotten the cost-per-wearing factor on this jacket down to next to nothing.

It’s comfortable, gorgeous, timeless and classic. I’ve had it all of this time and I have worn it dozens of times. It’s good quality and it has an ageless and enduring cut. It will never go out of style. It is the “Little Black Dress” of jackets. And to me, that jacket is the kind of piece you want in your closet. In this “disposable society,” some of these timeless pieces will save you money and space.

Shop mindfully for quality, shop when you need something and shop for things that are classic. You can accessorize them and change their look. If you keep that in the forefront of what you need, in the long run, you will save not only money but time and space. And isn’t that what this is about?