Maggie’s Manicotti: Yes, this is Parrot food.

I made this this morning. It is food for my birds. It’s pretty, it’s healthy and it was a pain in the ass to make. But it’s good, healthy food for my African Greys and they loved it. So why did I spend all morning making “Maggie’s Manicotti” for my birds?

Or “Parrot Pinwheels?”

Parrot Pinwheels. Why does pet food have to look like crap?

Have you ever seen “The Matrix?” There is a scene where the crew is eating a vitamin and mineral enriched meal that looks like total crap. It’s unappealing, most likely tasteless and annoying. It feeds the body. But it doesn’t address the soul. It is unappealing in the most basic way and looks like a combination of overcooked oatmeal and creamed corn. How attractive and appealing. They referred to it as “Tasty Wheat:”

Blechhh! I wouldn’t want to eat that crap. And if I don’t want to eat it, why would my Greys?

So I decided to make a point and go completely over the top. And I’ll continue to do it every once in a while just to make the point that birds have keen eyesight, and a great appreciation for color, more than we humans do. They like a nice texture and something that captures their eye and their tastebuds. It also made me appreciate my African Greys more. Why? Because of this:

And this:

They loved it. I know they felt special. They dived right in. It was good for them. They got to eat a wonderful, heathy meal that looked terrific and tasted good.

If anything, it was more of an exercise in my own commitment to them. They’re pretty easy-going and it doesn’t take much to take them for granted. And I don’t want to do that. So I made an extra special effort to please them. And I did. And I feel good about that.

Did they care? Did they notice? Does it matter? I don’t think so. That wasn’t the point.

 I did it because I think they deserve more than “Tasty Wheat.”

The “Cannelloni Clutch”