Good God. First, I decide I’m not going to the Houston Parrot Festival. I can’t take the time off of work. I need to save money for a new computer and the second generation iPad that everyone said is going to be so sleek and sexy. So I need to fly more and stay home and not go to the Festival.

I find out the maintenance on my condo has gone up. So I can’t go, because I have to shell out money for that. I need to work more. So I can’t go.

I need to start cranking out the quizzes and the “Memos” for BIRD TALK so I shouldn’t take the time out and go to the Festival. So I can’t go.

Irene Pepperberg is coming to Florida for a fundraiser for The Alex Foundation and that’s pretty important to me and that’s going to cost some money, so I can’t go to the Festival.

This time of year is always rough on me because my condo insurance, my car insurance are all due in December which is when Christmas comes. So I can’t go.

I have to prepare for the “Chop” Demo I’m giving in April at the Midwest Bird Expo and coordinating that is going to be a nightmare. So I can’t go.

And I made a bunch of feather items that I could just send so they can be auctioned off. I could simply pop them in a box and send then to Cheryl Rose, one of the Festival Coordinators. I’m sure they’d be glad to arrange to put them in the auction for me…

Screw it. I’m going.

Link: Houston Parrot Festival