Grit. This is a gritty subject. Grit. Grit, grit. People think if it’s being sold, their bird needs it. Not grit. Not for parrots. Insoluble Grit blows for parrots. They don’t need it. Shouldn’t have it. Grit is for birds that eat seeds whole. Pigeons for instance, eat the whole damned seed and their gizzard does the rest of the work. The grit grinds up the seed for them. I suppose this is due to the fact that pigeons and doves don’t have a lot of time to waste when they’re eating because if they dilly-dally, they aren’t eating lunch, they are lunch.

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But people buy it. Because it’s on the shelf. They don’t know any better. If they don’t have pigeons, doves or chickens and are offering grit to their parrots, please tell them to knock it off. Thank you.