Nancy Mason is a Cyber-friend and has parrots.

She also has dogs.  She likes Florida. We have  a lot in common. She entered my contest, “Keeping Up Appearances” and won a prize for her photo and great suggestion. She read my post titled “Errands” which is mostly about my dog Mattie getting groomed and sent me an email. She also sent me some photos of her dogs. This is so “Blog-Worthy” I needed to post it  Here is Nancy’s email and photos:

Hi Patricia:

Your Mattie reminds me a lot of my Peanut, who is mostly Lhasa and probably some kind of terrier. Her hair (which is what her fur is exactly like) just doesn’t stop growing. That’s a good thing I guess, and a far cry from how she was when we first got her. She was malnourished and had absolutely no undercoat and almost no fur. I thought she would be an extremely low-maintenance dog. HA! Joke’s on me!  She was so traumatized every time I took her in for a haircut that they finally told me that she would have to be sedated. They thought she might injure herself because she struggled so hard. We now have a mobile groomer come to our house to do it. Peanut doesn’t like it, but there is almost no stress and trauma for her and the groomer has no problems whatsoever. We’ll be keeping this up until we move. I’m with you – if it ain’t broke……….



Peanut when she first came to live with us.

Before her haircut.

After haircut.

I had to throw in a photo of Maya, who even at 10 years old is still one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen.

A round of applause for Nancy’s appearance as my first “Guest Blogger” on Parrot Nation. I think she did a bang-up job considering it all came in the form of an email. Golf clap everybody! Nancy was such a good sport to allow me to put this post together for her and post her photos. Because of this, I just know she won’t mind me posting this last fabulous photo of her. I’m sure she was probably out grocery shopping when this was shot:

Hey. What do I know? I spend my life away from work dressed like a ten year-old boy!

Thanks for stopping by!