Chill Out!

Easier said than done when it’s 75 degrees and it’s not even eight a.m. But people at work and people in the neighborhood do their best to reflect their Holiday spirit despite the weather. This is Jeannie, a Gate Agent at work showing her Christmas Spirit:

And this is some seasonal decor hung by the ticket counter with care; in hopes that soon many passengers will be lining up there:

More Holiday gear:

Santa’s sporting some flip-flops:

Electric Christmas trees in a small garden:

My neighbor, “Little Pat” shows her Christmas spirit in a small way.

This was taken December eighth on U.S. 1 South of Fort Lauderdale. The palm trees look kind of odd and out of place this time of year:

For a Midwestern Girl used to seeing snow, and equating Christmas with fireplaces, snowball fights, sledding and hot chocolate, this took some getting used to. And the “North Pole” arrow is pointing to East to the Atlantic Ocean about 8 blocks away:

Somebody has a sense of humor, but then, there aren’t many fireplaces down here:

Oh look! A gift-wrapped palm tree:

“Yes, we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute.
It hasn’t snowed a single flurry,
But Santa, dear, we’re in a hurry;”

Doesn’t everyone wear sandals, a sleeveless top, and capri pants when they’re decorating the house for Christmas?

It’s a little different down here. I highly recommend the weather most of the time. But wait until there’s a hurricane; now THAT will be an interesting post!

Peace Out! And thanks for stopping by!