Southern Screamers Feet
Southern Screamers Feet

I’m back at the Cincinnati Zoo and settled into Steve and Carol’s Fabulous stone cottage. It reminds me of the house Jackson Pollock and his wife rented out in Long Island right before he became the “new rising artist” of the 20th century.

I had an 18 hour day getting here…I had to get up at 3 a.m. to make it to this shindig, but I had no snags on either flight and steve was at Baggage claim to meet me.

Naturally I am thrilled to be back…so much so, I did a cartwheel in Steve and Carol’s back yard. The Local News in Cincinnati did a story my first morning at the Zoo and here is the link. Just select the video with the photo of the lorikeet:

I got to see my old friend Cookie the little penguin again! Here is some video of Cookie hanging with us in the break room. I can now honestly say that I have indeed had lunch with a penguin:

It took me a while to get set up on the internet at the Bird House, but Dutch and Dave, the IT Geniuses here at the Zoo got me hooked up.  Thanks guys! And I was so happy to see all of the usual suspects here at the bird house: Kim, Ricky, Fritz, Olivia, and of course Steve. And although the “Major Dude”, Dave Oehler now has a new title, “Director of Animal Collection”, he is still around now and again.

I’m not completely banged up yet but give it a couple days; once I clean the little penguin enclosure, that’ll cripple me up for sure!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll post again soon.