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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


September 15, 2009

Feeding Storks and Pelicans

I misspoke in this video referring to the Pelicans as "Penguins." I obviously know the difference but apparently my mouth got ahead of my brain. These are Pink Backed Pelicans and Saddle Billed Storks and Steve is giving them fish... Continue Reading →

Cookie Takes a Dip

Cookie and his companion are taking ┬ádip in their pool on the loading dock of the bird house. Because of Cookie's bumble foot, he can't be in water constantly, but he does need baths, so this is how the bird... Continue Reading →

“This and That” at the Cincinnati Zoo

These are just a few random videos of different places at the zoo. Goats, Flowers, a Tortoise, and Patricia the Pesquet's Parrot.

Helping Out LaVerne and Shirley

Here is a video taken at the Children's Zoo with Doug, one of the Keepers. Here I am doing a necessary job that is done at least twice a day.

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