I think Nyla needs a pedicure!

I went to work today and the other crew members got a gander at my right hand and thought I had been chewed up by something. “What happened?”, they asked me.

“I have a bird badly in need of a pedicure.”, and then I told them about Nyla. They couldn’t believe her nails could chew up my hand like it did. Luckily, Shari is coming tomorrow with her grooming kit and will take care of it. Shari and I both thought she’d been through enough for the time being and she needed a little time to get settled in before hitting her with another stressful event.

Update: Nyla is doing beautifully and I’m still scratching my head as to why anyone would want to give this gorgeous girl up. For being so “bite-ey” she has yet to bite me and although she could use some work on her balance. She is still a little nervous, but she is trying ever so hard and has the heart of an eagle.

I’m pleased with her progress for having been here about 48 hours. I’ve been reassuring her and walking her around my home on my hand (which explains the scratches), showing her the kitchen and my bedroom. All of this traveling around the house tends to help her balance and her experience. Enriching your bird’s life doesn’t always have to be complicated. Parker has a riot out on the front porch watching the Senior Ladies down at the pool, or for real irony, whistling at the street construction “hardhat” guys.  Enrichment can be as simple as a shower, a ride to the kitchen to get a drink, or a visit to a neighbor’s for a half an hour.

I was up at 3 a.m. for a flight this morning and just got home, so we’ll see how she does today. But in the overall, Nyla’s nailing it.