Nyla is rapidly and smoothly finding her place in my home. She went out on the front porch on a play stand this morning with Pepper and there was simply no problem at all. They seem to get along beautifully. She usually sits quietly during the day and observes everything going on. She is beginning to blurt out words, and mumble a little bit more as if she was testing the waters to see if verbalizing is okay. Believe me, it’s okay!

Well, she hasn’t bitten me yet, not even out of fear. Nothing.  She’s just a terrific bird. Whoever Shari and I choose to be her Human Companion will be very lucky indeed. 

She’s had 2 showers so far. The first one didn’t go too well because she was nervous and upset. so I simply stepped into the shower fully clothed, and held her. The second one went fine as long as I had my hand on the floor of the tub and she could stand on my fingers. I’m looking at the next one to go more smoothly. Once she’s in the water, she’s fine. 

She’s already learned 3 tricks. She can “high-four”, she will shake your hand by offering her foot when you say, “How do you do?”, and she’ll do the “Eagle”; flapping like crazy. She is a smart little girl and very eager to please.

She’s happiest on my shoulder. She’d sit there for neck “scritches” all day if I let her. She’s not afraid of my dog “Mattie”, the winner of “the most uninteresting dog in the world award”, nor does “Maisy”, the 14 year-old dog I look after 3 days a week for my friend, Beverly. Maisy looks like a big Border Collie with Corgi legs.  See?


So she has no issues with dogs, with other Parrots, with biting and Nyla is getting used to showers. as I said, all is well with Nyla and I’m looking forward to when she really settles down and shows a little more of her personality.