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As you might remember, I had proposed having a church for our parrots. And of course, the first thing I considered was what to call it. As this is going to be a multi-congregational church that embodies all faiths, I haven’t come up with a solid name. Yet. But with the help of the Field Guide to Parrots of the World, I came up with these. Obviously, none of them will work as they are too specific in nature and relate to particular beliefs. Some of them don’t even sound like a name for church. But it was kind of a tickle to come up with them:

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Rapture Raptor Church: Sounds like one of those backwoods snake handling operations.

Church of the Nanday Nazarene: My mind: Sometimes I worry…

Loaves and Fisher’s Lovebird Lutheran: Could be a soup kitchen for the homeless…

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Macaw Methodist Memorial: Could it be…a war memorial?

Timneh Temple: I have absolutely no explanation for this one…

Amazon Apostolic Assembly: Factory for church supplies?

Cockatoo Covenant : It almost sounds like an convent for an order of nuns with white habits.

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House of the Holy Hawkhead: All I could think of was that rock and roll album, “Houses of the Holy” by Led Zeppelin. 

Moluccan Ministries: This one sounds like an organization Sally Struthers would be crying and squawking all the way through at 4 a.m. on TV.

Senegal Salvation: I have absolutely no idea…

Memorial Monk Parakeet Pentecostal: Get out your tambourines for the banjo service. This is a loud church!

Military Macaw Mosque: This is a big building for a bunch of big birds.

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Hyacinth Hope Evangelical: I hope this one isn’t chosen…

Good Shepherd Gang Gang Cockatoo Congregational: An inner city church in the ‘Hood for wayward ‘Toos trying to get out of the hoodlum life?

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I’m not sure yet what the name is going to be, but I’m working on it. Most of the “Bleaders” (Blog Readers) here at PN seemed to like the idea of a virtual church for parrots. And Paula Rossow, my right hand and incredibly organized virtual “Blogretary” (Blog Secretary”) has taken some notes and is helping me come up with some form of continuity for this idea to blossom.(She’d have a stroke if she ever saw my office…)

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We’ll keep you posted as things develop.