It started with my laptop. I had over 5000 photos in my laptop and it needed some weeding out. They were all over the place and I had to figure out how to categorize them and put them in some order. I also had to get rid of some because they were just stupid or fuzzy or I didn’t even remember who the person was. I end up taking a lot of photos for this blog, for projects and presentations. I end up using a few and the rest just sit there. So what do I do with a photo like this?

I took it when I was getting the oil changed in my car. I like it because it gritty and kind of textural but I’m not sure it’s of any use to me. Out it goes!

And this one I took when I did the post about getting my hair cut. It was a good post, but I didn’t use this photo for painfully obvious reasons:

So this one is a “goner,” probably along with the other photos in that particular set. I’ll start here in my laptop. And from there, I’ll move on to the closets.