Free Flight trainer Chris Biro Shaking his tail feathers for donations…I’m helping.

No, the Houston Parrot Festival isn’t all serious lectures and training sessions.  Actually, we have a blast. I recommend attending the Festival if you have the time. There are vendors with all of the latest products and there are a few highly-esteemed Vets attending that do give lectures and answer questions you might have. Here are two of the most dignified and respected  Avian Vets in the business available to answer your most pressing issues:


Esteemed Avian Veterinarians: Dr. Lorenzo Crosta and Dr. Brian Speer.

So you see? We have lots of fun. Lorenzo and Brian were just pitching getting donations for their sublime hula dancing and getting tips for NPRPF. Seriously these guys are amazing Avian Vets. Their Hula Dancing wasn’t too bad either…

Lots of Vendors were around that had the latest avian products; toys, food, cages, artwork jewelry and perches are just a few of the examples of the types of products available at terrific prices. Here at the Festival, you get to meet the people that actually work at the company who manufactures the product. Sometimes you get to have fun with them:

img_99481Melanie Allen of Hagen Bird Food Products, Me and “Lead Leather Elf” Robin Shewokis

Melanie Allen, Avian Product Specialist for Hagen Foods, Robin Shewokis of Leather Elves and I were doing a Vanna White modeling shot of the “Major Award” I won at the Festival for best “Chicken Dance”. Oh, we were also having a beer after a long, hard party.  You’d be tired too if you’d just watched a bunch of guys shaking it for charity in coconut bras and grass skirts.

Of course the lectures and presentations were wonderful. Some of the speakers were Dr. Patricia Macwhirter of Melbourne, Australia; Mark Hagen of Hagen Foods, Sid Price of Avian Ambassadors and Steve Martin of Natural Encounters Inc. And of course my favorite “Hula Boys”, Dr. Crosta and Dr. Speer.

I do this thing every year: I make a scarf from molted feathers and it goes to auction. I finally got a pretty good photo of it from Laney Rickman of the Bird Endowment:

img_9843I’m wearing the Scarf that went to auction. Rick Jordan’s just dancin’!

Here I was leading a reluctant Chris Biro around so that he would have some moral support while soliciting donations for NPRPF. Rick Jordan was behind me shaking his “boa”, so to speak. I didn’t mind dancing as long as I didn’t have to wear a hula skirt. Yes, we are all such a dignified bunch! So yes the Festival is a blast and yes, you get to learn all kinds of things while having all of that fun. The next Houston Parrot Festival is January 29, 30, and 31, 2010. I’ll see you there!

As a tip of the hat to all of our lovely male “Hula Dudes” Here is a video I unearthed of Male “Pro-Hula Dudes” Shake on Boys!