Who’s Running this Place? Good Question. Well, here’s some starters for you:

During our tough economic times, in this business, Sahara seems to be a pretty high up on the food chain when it comes to pull around here. She’s pretty quick on her feet and you really have to hustle to keep up with this one. She’s a fast mover, but doesn’t do well during the long haul. They like to keep her around for the attention and of course her good looks sucker in clients all the time. Sahara is excellent at her job. She’ll probably survive any economic cutbacks or layoffs. Why? No one else is fast enough to hand her a pink slip.

This Employee stands head and shoulders above the rest of the staff, but isn’t particularly strong in the warmth department. Shy and aloof, this tall blonde leggy gal, is striking and attracts a lot of attention. Charming, but into herself, she gets the job done with a minimum of effort and can bring clients in just by entering the arena.

This is Kermit, a Tawny Frogmouth Owl and his Administrative Assistant, Mary. Kermit used to be a star in the Education Department, but an injury put Kermit on the sidelines. Kermit now works at the Petting Zoo Department where his laid back attitude, and cool-as-cool presence, keeps everyone calm. He doesn’t make many appearances anymore due to his bum leg, but he stays around for consulting work. Mary is an ardent admirer of Kermit’s and makes sure Kermit gets out and about to meet his adoring public when he’s up to it. Mary frequently meets with Kermit for advice on how to handle all “Petting Zoo” Departmental issues.

This is Cerulean, an Indigo Snake. This slim, yet sweet girl stays low to the ground at this company. She is quite personable and her exotic good looks, and ability to do incredible “meet-and greets” with the public make her a PR standout. Ever the Brunette, she is fast as hell when it comes to making that big “Corporate Kill” and no little “quiet-as-a-mouse” type can get the best of her. She’ll eat them alive.

This is Chili. Chili is a “few fish short of a school”. We never know what Chili is thinking because he just goes about his business and reports to no one. He observes, bitches about stuff and then moves on, but we haven’t quite pinned down his agenda. He seems to believe that his spot below that lamp is his office and he defends his “Office Space” there with vigor. It doesn’t matter that the heat lamp has been off all summer, he refuses to believe that he does not receive any heat from it. Perhaps he thinks it gives him special powers, we just don’t know. Chili does have a job here as he is indeed employed. He just refuses to tell us what it is. But nevertheless, he remains quite busy bossing everyone around.

This is Shirley. Shirley shares work space with her daughter Laverne. Shirley is the larger-than-life staffer in the “Petting Zoo Department” and never fails to do her job with a no-nonsense approach and her easy-going but enormous presence. Originally from Ireland, this Dexter Cow is quiet and gentle, and she is aces when it comes to intimidating the small-fry types with her size. And yet, she is the easiest staffer to get along with. Just scratch her butt and she’ll follow you anywhere.

More to come on the staff here at the Zoo. Perhaps later I’ll get into the “Other” staff that do the dirty work; the underlings otherwise known as “Humans”.  As interesting as these characters are, they manage to fill an important yet repetitive role here: they are in service day after day to the ones who really count: the Animals.